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Training courses

Training centre for professional emergency services

Troned offers customised training courses for the fire brigade, police force, health services and defence organisations, at all levels. Relay your training objectives, and we’ll work with you to devise a varied training course with plenty of scope for exercises, in an environment that is as realistic as possible. Virtually every conceivable scenario in the field of fire, technical rescue and accidents involving hazardous substances can be replicated at our site.

In addition to our extensive facilities , you can also exploit our unrivalled knowledge and expertise. In fact, our professional instructors and assessors are at your disposal and ready to deliver an optimal and effective tailor-made training program. We also boast a fully equipped (indoor) CCIO room that’s specifically designed for CCIO training exercises.

Fire brigade training courses


A unique training program developed for and by firefighters, in which theory is conveyed in an accessible and practical way. Participants get straight to work in a Brainbox - several firefighting techniques are carefully explored and data relating to fire behaviour and progression is thoroughly examined. Each and every training course is adapted to match participant knowledge and expertise. No thick textbooks or complicated theory, but rather an interesting alternation between technology and practice. In short, 'Keep it simple, experience more.

Fire Behaviour Brainbox (Crew, Commanders, Officers on Duty)

Want to gain (even) more insight into fire behaviour? Then sign-up for our Fire Behaviour Brainbox. This training course teaches you how to make improved risk assessments and take more targeted action. You’ll read, watch and participate in realistic exercises about fire, including fire progression, fire behaviour and the Smoke, Flow, Temperature, Flame model. And, naturally you’ll get to practice several different fire extinguishing techniques in our numerous exercise environments link to facilities page.

Ventilation Techniques Brainbox (Crew, Commanders, Officers on Duty)

Want to perform faster reconnaissance? Or benefit from increased visibility and a safer environment? The Ventilation Techniques Brainbox instructs on the clearance of fuel/combustible products via repressive ventilation.

We also offer the ‘train-the-trainer’ concept for both brainboxes.<link to train the trainer

New brainboxes

We’re constantly developing new brain boxes in collaboration with our industry partners, for even more efficient and effective deployment. We’re currently devising brainboxes on leadership and coordination, human behaviour, building dynamics, Technical Emergency Response Teams (ERT) and working at heights.

Training courses for Commanders/Officers on Duty

Leadership, coordination, flexible deployment techniques and tactics - essential pillars for Commanders or Officers on Duty. This training course addresses all of these issues in a practical manner. In fact, Haaglanden Fire Brigade link to John Lassche testimonial have already benefited from refresher training on leadership and coordination in 21 two-day sessions at Troned.

Technical Emergency Response Refresher Course

Technological advancements evolve in rapid succession. That’s why it’s so essential that Technical Emergency Response Teams get to benefit from regular training. This training course has been specifically developed for crews and commanders. We teach you how to work safely and effectively in accordance with a systematic seven-step methodology, which incorporates the very latest techniques, materials and fuels. The course additionally covers safety techniques for cars and lorries.

Realistic training for Crew, Commanders and Officers on Duty

We’re constantly working on optimising our numerous exercise buildings for optimal training results link to Troned buildings brochure pdf. These can be customised to suit your individual requirements. Our realistic training environments include a garage, petrol station with workshop, a collapse site, an XTC-lab, industrial buildings and a ‘motorway’ for rehearsing large-scale accidents.

Basic Fire Training for Crew and Commanders

Troned additionally facilitates the practical and theoretical elements of Crew and Commander training via the Bogo training institute.

Hazardous Substances and Working at Heights training for Crew and Commanders

Our ‘XTC lab’ and ‘Storage and handling of hazardous substances' training buildings are ideally suited for Hazardous Substance exercises. The Troned site also boasts a building specifically designed for ‘working at heights’ training.

We’re currently working on developing and expanding our realistic training buildings. Got any specific requirements or suggestions? Then, please let us know! Link to contact page

Train the trainer

Knowledge must be continually safeguarded and shared. Troned boasts comprehensive facilities that have been specifically designed for this very purpose. We train instructors, provide refresher courses and can even take care of a client’s complete training needs. In addition, we also train client instructors (in specific fields, such as fire behaviour). These instructors subsequently provide training (together with our own people, if desired), thus safeguarding knowledge and expertise within their own organisations.

Our ambition is to provide comprehensive tailor-made training products, from firefighting courses to Urban Search and Rescue Exercises link to USAR exercise, in both standard and train-the-trainer formats.

Police Training

Police training requires specific scenarios. Our extensive Troned grounds not only provide plenty of space and scope, but also the privacy to train in complete peace and quiet. We rapidly assemble tailor-made sets - in consultation with stakeholders - for the purpose of large-scale Police Mobile and Arrest Unit exercises.

Training with police vehicles

Our varied infrastructure link to Troned buildings brochure pdf, which even includes a motorway, facilitates diverse driver training courses in numerous police vehicles Link to interview with Tjerk Feddes. We can also construct an entire village, complete with container units specifically designed for working with fire, tear gas and projectile objects. Troned additionally offers police training on the use of sniffer dogs, riot procedures, formation driving and the very latest deployment tactics.

Want to learn more about police training courses at Troned? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Medical Services Training

Medical Services Training 

In fact, the facilities at Troned are simply ideal for mono- and multidisciplinary exercises in the Medical Services arena. There are also plenty of briefing and training rooms at your disposal.

USAR training

Our USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) training courses train specialised international USAR teams for deployment in incidents or disasters involving trapped or buried people. USAR personnel perform search and rescue operations in extremely taxing circumstances, including collapsed buildings, tunnel accidents, earthquakes, landslides and hurricanes.

We constructed a unique USAR team exercise site for two large-scale European exercises (with an 'earthquake and collapse’ theme) conducted at Troned in 2012 and 2015. Here, teams from Lithuania, Portugal (USAR teams) and Estonia (Advanced Medical Post/Surgery) successfully rehearsed in large-scale and complex scenarios. And, this unique training venue is now available for regular USAR and emergency service training.

Want to learn more about USAR training courses? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.