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Safety training in real-life scenarios

Training in realistic situations
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Safety training in real-life scenarios

Safety training is a matter of efficient working practices and thorough preparation, using real-life scenarios that are readily assembled to match your objectives and regardless of whether that involves mono- or multidisciplinary exercises, or tailor-made training courses for the fire brigade, crisis teams, emergency services, police, or military.

Safety professionals

At Troned, we not only provide a suitable and tranquil environment; we also supply the necessary professionals. In fact, we work exclusively with experts who’ve earned their stripes in the field of firefighting or similar. That way you can be assured of safety training that has a direct impact in your everyday life.

Jelle Nijeboer, Veiligheidsregio IJsselland

Troned is at the forefront when it comes innovation and knowledge transfer on topics such as fire progression and fire behaviour.

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