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Troned Training Course Factory

From firefighter training to disaster rehearsal

Training Centre East Netherlands (Troned) is a unique training environment that boasts fifteen individual safety training venues. Based at the former site of Twente airport, an increasing number of emergency service organisations, at home and abroad, now regularly take advantage of our spacious and tranquil premises. We can replicate almost every conceivable scenario in the field of fire, technical rescue and accidents involving hazardous substances. In addition to practical training, Twente Safety Campus offers the option to attend or organise a number of theory based classes. We also provide several practical lessons in our fire laboratory.

More than just a fire brigade training centre

Teams from the fire brigade, police, emergency services and the military, at home and abroad, all regularly train at Troned. Set in a secluded location far from public roads, our quiet and spacious grounds are a recipe for success. The experts at Troned pride themselves on thinking with you and almost every course is tailor-made. Regardless of whether you attend a mono- or multidisciplinary exercise or course, we help you get the most out of your training day. Naturally, we also provide all of the other necessary facilities, from catering to customised simulations, and expert guidance to quality documentation.

“Tailor-made training for all”

“At Troned, we’re continually adapting our venues to match the requirements of requested training courses. And, what isn’t (already) available, we endeavour to implement. Our tranquil site is incredibly inspiring and makes for a safe learning and practice environment. Safe, not only in terms of working conditions, but also in terms of being able to make and learn from mistakes. I relish the daily challenge of collaborating with colleagues to provide tailor-made solutions for those who come to train here. I’ve witnessed Troned grow over the years and, thanks to our co-operation with the Risk Factory and Safety Field Lab, we’re able to follow and deliver training in the very latest developments in the field of safety. It gives me continued satisfaction to observe the enthusiasm of our students and, ultimately, how they put their training into practice.”

Gerrit Goossen, training and sales coordinator
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